Monday, October 19, 2015

Old Musings

Well if my previous post was anything to go by , its now almost 7 and a half years since i last blogged.I sincerely apologize for my absence ( i doubt anyone missed me :(  ). Anyways the last 7 years have been anything but normal. I've graduated from a teenager lost in the world to a man with a vision and mission. People don't realise but 08 years staying away from home surely goes a log way in culturing an individual and training them for the harsh world. Well as things stand today , I;m supposedly more mature and should take to writing and maintaining this blog so that in years to come this blog can serve as a memoir in a teeny weeny way and maybe bring a smile to my face.

BTW since I'm a huge liverpool fan stuck amongst a truckload of Man Utd ppl , I will sign off by saying

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It sure has been a loong tym since i blogged last.........reasons r aplenty fer dat bt lets jus keep it at d fact dat ive been way lot bzzy lately ...shoppin has been d major activity.....wid d list been humoungusly huge itz been a task....nw things r surely hottin up fer my lyf part 2....never been away frm home fer so long bt m sure things will b fyn[:)].......wil miss all my frnds...nd make new 1s too......dats lyf i guess....neways itz gettin late nw...russia is leadin ryt nw against sweden 2-0 ...feel sad fer greece ....defendin champs bowin out so early...dats lyf again fer u

~~GUD NYT~~~

Friday, June 13, 2008


owner requests a few dayz off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

hAPPY TYMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woke up extra l8 2day....arnd 10:15.....2day skool began fer d senior classes.....m missin skool nw...atleast v had a pupose dere evn if d purpose dealt wid takin d teachers ready nd wen2 d bank arnd 12....2day ws d day i open a bank account :D...i choose syndicate bank cuz dats d bank vich has a branch in mandovi.....did nufin elz d whole day...chatted away my whole afternoon.....went 2 play in d evening....played onli futball........had so much fun swimin arnd rather dan runnin....hehe....chatted wid frnds till sum tym b4 headin home.....played arnd wid my frnds nd came home ....den had a 1 hr session of CS ......den had dinner nd slept off....m planin 2 watch italy vs holland....go HOLLAND...tho m wid germany.....germany won yesterday against poland 2-0...wid podolski scorin both d goals....d 2nd one ws a classy volley goal....amazin 2 watch.....k fer nw dis is it...hav been bzzy a lot shoppin d last few dayz.....


So i saw d match wid polland yesterday nd as always d partnership forged between....Klose nd Podolski is unbeatable

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Woke up extra l8 2day up nd about by 10:30.....went 2 anchits house den nd went along wid him 2 play pool in d officers mess.:))...came bak arnd 1 nd den went 2 dal roti fer lunch.....d KATI rolls rok....:P....came bak 2 sagarika nd saw iron man....d movie is gud...came bak arnd 5 nd went 2 play at 6

tho ground ws flooded completely nd v had sooooooooooo much fun dere.......came bak nd spoke 2 a midshipman fer lyk 2 hrs nd came bak home nd had dinner....too tired 2 blog actually readers...:(


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day began as always woke up at 9....[manyu u better start gettin up early cuz at d academy dis leeway wunt b dere:(:(:(]....loafed arnd till 10.....went 2 mohitas house at 10:30 fer givin her d farewell pics....saw her voice clip on CNN IBN lorl!!!!hmm so after dat came bak home nd den went wid kaancha....2day ws d day my frnds were supposed 2 get a treat frm me fer me havin cleared onli 4 o dem came.first kaancha nd i went 2 coco tree bt wen v entered d ppl dere were lukin at us as if v were beings frm sum oder universe.....decided 2 bnk dat place nd skip over 2 Barrista .......met zuhair had fun w8in fer kaale...were dere till 2..nd den decided 2 go 2 thevara fer cs....had soo much fun dere...made 2 teams ...kaale nd kaancha as counter terrorists while me nd akhi were terrorist.....startin mein it ws fair bt den later kaancha started usin -ve tactics..hmpff...pissed me started playin INTELLIGENT CS :P...lorl.....scared d wits outta me readers dere aint nefin better dan watchin ur opponent fallin off d roof in cs widout u havin fired a shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!after dat came bak home nd went 2 d canteen wid dad fer shoppin fer d supplies needed by me....havin dun dat went fer playin futball in d watery ground dat v hav here tho i did hav fun nd fell down sum 3 odd tyms nt many ppl cumin so wasnt as much fun as i had expected it to be...:P so den i came bak nd did d misc activities o myn till dinner tym nd nw ill b off 2 d land o nod pretty soon.....


Friday, June 6, 2008


Mornin started off fyn....woke up extra late 2day arnd ...den started foolin arnd wid my new cam ws takin videos nd all.........den arnd 11 a catastrophie hapened:(:(:( of my pet kittens came under d car nd had a gradual death.....she literally died in my hands........nd my neighbour ws smilin....d @%$@%#@%Y^T of her 2 do so...neways ....buried d kitten nd den sis ws cryin too shed sum tears...cus it IS painful wen u see a pet die in front o u....d very pet hum u nurtured nd brot up frm d tym she came outta her mother,,,,nd all d oder events dat go in2 takin care o dem....will miss u dear

RIP milky JR.....:(:(

Lyf will never b d same nw....cuz nw all my pets hav 2 den all i wish is dat dey hav a gud future cuz dats all dat matter fer me....gotta give my frnds a treat tomorrow....yeah mellu ill b dere fer sure...lolzz...went fer baddi again at 3:30.....nd den came bak home arnd 6....went fer bball afetr dat....played ok onli i guess....hmm......den druv came over fer tips fer crakin d nda exam...dun wrry dude since u did make d effort 2 ask help vich onli means dat u serious...u shud clear it[:)].....after dat had dinner nd nw m planin 2 sleep early cuz tomrrow gonna b a hectic day