Monday, October 19, 2015

Old Musings

Well if my previous post was anything to go by , its now almost 7 and a half years since i last blogged.I sincerely apologize for my absence ( i doubt anyone missed me :(  ). Anyways the last 7 years have been anything but normal. I've graduated from a teenager lost in the world to a man with a vision and mission. People don't realise but 08 years staying away from home surely goes a log way in culturing an individual and training them for the harsh world. Well as things stand today , I;m supposedly more mature and should take to writing and maintaining this blog so that in years to come this blog can serve as a memoir in a teeny weeny way and maybe bring a smile to my face.

BTW since I'm a huge liverpool fan stuck amongst a truckload of Man Utd ppl , I will sign off by saying